NFL Week 13 Picks: Chargers at Bengals, Cowboys at Saints, Ravens at Steelers, Broncos at Chiefs

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Place all your Bets at and start with $1,000 Risk Free! NFL Week 13 is live! Todd and Payne are back to break down this week's biggest games from a point spread perspective including a BEST BET. The fellas provide crucial matchup analysis and key metrics to help get you to the FanDuel betting window and cash your bets and daily fantasy football lineups. In-depth previews for NFL Week 13 include: ▶️ Los Angeles Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals (2:05) ▶️ Washington Football Team at Las Vegas Raiders (14:00) ▶️ Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (23:51) ▶️ Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (34:18) ▶️ John Sheeran Sports Book Report (48:21) ▶️ Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints (1:09:46) ▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:18:18) Down the stretch we go with the playoffs in sight. Several teams are vying for a spot while others are searching for separation. The Bengals and Chargers are on opposite ends of the spectrum with both being in tightly contested divisions. The Bengals were not thought of as a AFC North competitor with oddsmakers lining them at 6.5 wins, but Burrow and Chase has opened up the ground game for Joe Mixon. The Chargers on the other hand need some tuning because things aren't getting any easier for them after a disappointing effort in Denver last week. Ravens and Steelers don't present the same luster it did in years past and part of that is the downward spiral of Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is on his way out and it doesn't look like he has many bullets left to fire. Lamar Jackson didn't look good at home against the Browns in primetime. What does that mean in this match up? Denver travels to Kansas City for Sunday Night Football in what should give Broncos fans an idea of how this season will finish. Denver is not in a must win situation, but there is a constant guessing game week in and week out on how the Teddy Bridgewater will play. Do the Saints provide any resistance this week against the Cowboys offense that looks fully healthy. Taysom Hill will start for New Orleans, but he won't have Alvin Kamara and 3 offensive lineman. Dallas gets their weapons back offensively and they need them in the worst way. The Washington Football Team is trending up and finally applying some heat to Dallas in the NFC East. Does Washington continue it's movement with a win in Vegas? Is Darren Waller available? Will Derek Carr carry this hobbled team across the finish line with high marks? Subscribe to Bet The Board Podcast 🎙 Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Google Podcasts: Follow Bet The Board on Twitter 🐥 @BetTheBoardPod – @ToddFuhrman – @Payneinsider – Sports Betting News 🌎 Gambling Shirts & Hats 🎰 🎲

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