NFL Week 6 Picks: Chargers at Ravens, Cardinals at Browns, Packers at Bears, Bucs at Eagles

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Place all your Bets at and start with $1,000 Risk Free! $1,000 Giveaway for Subscribers of our YouTube Channel: NFL Week 6 is live! Todd and Payne from are back to break down this week's big games from a point spread perspective including a BEST BET. The fellas provide crucial matchup analysis and key metrics to help get you to the FanDuel betting window and cash your bets and daily fantasy football lineups. In-depth previews on the biggest NFL Week 6 games include: ▶️▶️▶️ (Thurs) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles (1:08:20) ▶️ Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (4:21) ▶️ Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens (21:07) ▶️ Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns (35:47) ▶️ Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers (46:30) ▶️ John Sheeran Sports Book Report (54:40) ▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:22:22) There is a lot, I mean a lot of saltiness coming from Todd in Week 6 so all must roll with the punches. All jokes aside Payne and Todd get back on the horse to chew on a fascinating matchup between the Chargers and Ravens. Baltimore showed some stones coming back from a massive double digit deficit against the Colts and now they get to see what this Justin Herbert kid is all about. The LA signal caller is lighting everyone up and has the Bolts in high gear…even if the play calling isn't in peak performance. Thursday night is something to look at because Brady hasn't looked good against the number recently and the Bucs take their act to Philly to do battle with a laboring Eagles squad. The offense was balanced, but the defense was offensive last week for Cleveland. Browns at home against a Cardinals team that does play good ball on the road and against the number. What's their record ATS??? Packers and Bears from Chicago is never not good and it should be interesting to see how Green Bay attacks the perimeter of the Chicago's defense. On the other end, does Matt Nagy have a silver bullet to KO his biggest rival? Seattle is on life support now, thanks to a Russell Wilson busted finger. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks travel to Pittsburgh to witness a rehabilitation program in the making known as the Steelers. Pittsburgh has recovered after a choppy start to the year and now they want to get into the hunt for an AFC North title. First things first though, get over .500. Subscribe to Bet The Board Podcast 🎙 Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Google Podcasts: Follow Bet The Board on Twitter 🐥 @BetTheBoardPod – @ToddFuhrman – @Payneinsider – Sports Betting News 🌎 Gambling Shirts & Hats 🎰 🎲

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